Friday, November 04, 2005

Counterfeit Money- OUTLINE

TITLE: Include the subject of the paper.

INTRODUCTION: Brief description of the topic.
1. My paper is about how counterfeit money affects the United States and the world and ways the government tries to prevent it.
2. My paper will focus counterfeit money, how it looks, ways the government tries to prevent it.

MAIN BODY: Where all the information is presented.
1. Information about counterfeit money
A. Real Vs. Fake
B. The start of counterfeit money
C. Ways people make counterfeit money
2. How counterfeit money affects the United States and other countries.
A. What state has the most problem with counterfeit money?
B. What country has the most problem with counterfeit money?
C. The way it affects the United States and other countries economy.
3. Ways the government tries to prevent it
A. How do they prevent it?
B. What techniques do they use?

CONCLUSION: The way the paper ends.
1. What I have learned
2. Why I picked this topic.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

COUNTERFEIT MONEY: My research topic is about how counterfeit money starts and how does the government try to control it. First my topic was about how is money created, but I can not find a lot of information on that topic. Yes I have found enough information on this topic. Since counterfeit money is not just a problem here in the United States I have found a lot of information. People use counterfeit money all the time, that is why when I go to the gas station they take a marker to check to see if is real or fake. I still need alot more information. The truth: You really can not get away with using counterfeit money, though some people do. It is illegal and you can get in trouble. I still have work to do on this project and I should be finish soon.

Monday, October 31, 2005

I think my primary resource should be an email to someone(government or banks) about how much counterfeit money is used each day, how can you tell what is fake and what is real and how much of it is in the United States.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

First Citation: Sykes, Tanisha . "Funny Money." October 2003: 135.
(Sykes 135)
Bogus money, fake cash, sourdough--call it what you will. People have exchanged counterfeit money since paper currency's debut in the United States more than 140 years ago, and the challenge of scaling back counterfeit money scams remains, according to Brian Mart, a special agent with the United States Secret Service in Washington, D.C. "There's no way to make currency counterfeit-proof," Marr says. "Right now, there's approximately $70 million in counterfeit currency in circulation worldwide out of approximately $620 billion in genuine currency. That's less than .02% of the total currency in circulation." (See the above chart for tips from Marr on how to detect counterfeit bills.)

It explains how long counterfeit money has been around(since money was created) and how much money we have in counterfeit, which is alot worldwide.

Second Citation:Blair, James. "Students make money by making money." December 1999: 2.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here goes a website about counterfeit money and how to detect if it is.

Monday, October 24, 2005

I am wondering why my hair use to be long and now it is short. I wonder if there is a planet beyond Pluto. I wonder if I am going to be taller than I am now. I wonder how is my sister because I have not to her in a long time. I have other wonders but don't feel like typing it. I think my research paper should be about the creation of money since we use money everyday, I will like to know where its created and who created it!